About Coin Mentor

Daniel Oostra, Technologist

I’m Dan Oostra, I have been working in technology as a enthusiast and professional since 1983. During that time, I started out hacking phone systems from my father’s TRS-80 model 100 computer, to working for NASA writing code for websites, science museum kiosks, weather balloons, and more. Last year I worked with Microsoft to develop curriculum for their Reactor Program, and to teach writing smart contracts using Solidity, Truffle, and Ganache.

Picture of Dan Oostra, the crypto coin mentor
Here I am at NASA’s Jet Proplusion Lab in Pasedena, CA with the Mars Rover.

I’ve been messing around with cryptocurrencies since 2012 as a hobby, and even tried to do a bitcoin start-up back then with a colleague when we started up https://bitzilla.org and attempted to create a directory of businesses that accepted bitcoin. Unfortunately, after the Mt. Gox hack we folded up our business and moved on.

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Early logo for the coin mentor.

Coin Mentor Channel

My goal with Coin Mentor is to bring real world, practical knowlege to those interested in this space.  If you want to gamble on coins, this isn’t your space, but good luck.  This is also NOT investment advice.  I am trying to identify truly revolutionary, usable technology that is evolving in this space.  

My company is currently has a portfolio of coins, is actively mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero. We also participate in the Ezil-Eth pool, so we collect the Ziquilla token at the same time.

This is NOT technical analysis or a get rich quick plan – this is about what I see as a true REVOLUTION in both currency and technology.

Cryptocurrency Mining

This year (2021) my company proofofcha.in, inc. decided to get involved in mining (again). This time we aren’t stopping. We have self built rigs in NC, and ASIC miners that are running in a mining farm in Lexington, KY. We plan on assisting others in building rigs, building a limited number for sale, and also looking into expanding into the Helium Network to mine HNT, as well as the Chia Network, where we will become time-lords and space warlocks or whatever they are coming up with for names for validators and miners.

NFT – Creation

Need assistance creating a NFT? I created the “tendies” token and also have a small portfolio of NFTs that I created.


screenshot of opensea NFT created by dan oostra

Hemp and Cannabis Farming

Seriously, back when Covid hit in 2020 I hadn’t really considered going back into crypto mining. I was still looking for ways to create revenue so I wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else. I made a strong push for self-reliance. I wanted products and was taking a lot of CBD for stress and health.

Proofofchain, Inc, also holds an industrial hemp grower’s permit and we may be doing more growing in the future!

Join me! Let’s partner up.

I’m always looking for new opportunities, technologies, and partners. If you have a project I’d love to help.

Email me here: dan@cryptocoinmentor.com